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La co-élaboration, levier de croissance

Rencontres des Sociétés Cotées 2018

La co-élaboration, levier de croissance

A Enternext é a subsidiária da Euronext dedicada ao financiamento e promoção de small  e mid caps nos mercados financeiros. Inclui 750 empresas small  e mid cap cotadas nos mercados Euronext da Bélgica, França, Holanda e Portugal. O nosso objectivo: trabalhar lado a lado com empreendedores e gestores de PMEs, bem como com a comunidade financeira e investidores e reforçar os laços entre estes.

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The TechCorner

Tech financing through capital markets
The TechCorner is an online communication platform dedicated to offering qualified content on the financing of the Tech sector through the capital markets. It publishes the latest Tech news, in-depth articles, interviews, company and sector analysis and insights from industry experts, plus information about our own markets and indices.


EnterNext’s educational programme to familiarise innovative businesses with capital markets
Launched in 2015, TechShare is a unique pan-European programme that helps to familiarise innovative businesses with capital markets and give them all the information they need to reach the next stage of their growth and take their companies to market.
TechShare helps leaders of tech companies to better understand the role of financial markets and how they work. Entrepreneurs will thus be better able to judge the opportunity of listing in tandem with their specific business projects, and to prepare in good time.
Selected for their innovative flair and impressive performance, participants are businesses active in digital technology, life sciences and eco-industries that might consider listing in the three years ahead.

Bell ceremony

Sequana Medical

Bell ceremony

Baikowski lists on Euronext Growth

Bell ceremony

Stéphane Ragusa, CEO of Predilife, opens the trading day in Paris

Bell ceremony

Lleida.net lists on Euronext Growth

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