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EnterNext is the subsidiary of Euronext dedicated to financing and promoting Small and Mid Caps on the financial markets. It comprises the 750 listed Small and Mid Cap companies on Euronext markets in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Portugal. Our goal: work hand in hand with entrepreneurs and executives of SMEs as well as with the financial community and investors, and reinforce ties between them.

Recent IPOs


French Tech Star Navya lists on Euronext

Bio-UV Group

Bio-UV Group lists on Euronext Growth


Datum Bewerking Locatie Subsector Raised (M€)
28/02/2019 EDILIZIACROBATICA Parijs Home Construction
26/02/2019 ARCURE S.A. Parijs Electronic Equipment
11/02/2019 SEQUANA MEDICAL NV Brussel Medical Equipment
27/12/2018 BAIKOWSKI Parijs Commodity Chemicals
24/12/2018 FLEXDEAL SIMFE S.A. Lissabon Equity Investment Instruments
21/12/2018 PREDILIFE Parijs Software
19/12/2018 LLEIDA.NET Parijs Internet
04/12/2018 MND Parijs Heavy Construction


Bell ceremony

Baikowski lists on Euronext Growth

Bell ceremony

Stéphane Ragusa, CEO of Predilife, opens the trading day in Paris

Bell ceremony lists on Euronext Growth

Bell ceremony

VOGO lists on Euronext Growth Paris