Deloitte Compliance 2020 - Moving good to great

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 8:17am CET

Organised by Deloitte and EnterNext.

Compliance in 2020- Moving from good to great.

The world is changing at a very fast pace. The digital technologies are giving corporates unlimited possibilities to connect with the clients, business partners, agents, to empower employees and to stimulate the business. The integration of these digital developments in the organizations are essential to future success. At the same time, with continually growing pressures due to globalization and regulation, the importance of compliance cannot be overstated.
What is the impact of innovation and digitalization in our companies and on the compliance programs now and in the future? What should be considered when evaluating your company's programs considering the current state? But how will Compliance develop five years from now, what is your Compliance vision for 2020? What role will compliance culture play in moving from good to great, what actions should be taken today to avoid tomorrows crises?

Distribution of Compliance Benchmark report 2015.