The TechCorner

The TechCorner

Tech financing through capital markets

Tech financing through capital markets

EnterNext is well aware of the growth potential, financing requirements and sector-specific needs of Technology companies. In late 2014, EnterNext announced new measures to assist Tech companies and raise their profile with investors.

One of these initiatives rests upon the creation of an online communication platform dedicated to the financing of Tech companies by capital markets. This platform, called The TechCorner, brings together information on tech companies listed on our markets as well as news on tech-sector financing.

The objectives of the The TechCorner platform are to:

  • become the reference web platform for all topics linked to the financing of the Tech sector by financial markets
  • give more visibility to Tech companies (TMT, Biotech and Cleantech companies) listed on Euronext markets, particularly among investors
  • provide listed companies with useful information, services, networking opportunities, support and advice on their day-to-day life as a listed company
  • increase investors’ knowledge and understanding of Tech business models, key trends and breaking news in the sector.

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