When you are listed on one of the Euronext Regulated Markets, you not only access a secured market with state-of-the-art technology and a vast pool of liquidity, you also benefit at all times from the assistance of expert advisors. As part of an ongoing effort to develop tools and services for issuers, Euronext has rolled out ExpertLine, an information and communication platform run by experts in market techniques and finance. Euronext is the first international stock exchange to provide such a communication platform fully dedicated to companies listed on its markets.

Attentive Service from a Team of Specialists

ExpertLine is an interactive communication platform run by market professionals. The ExpertLine team:

  • provides you with a single source of information
  • creates a permanent link with our trading community via the surveillance room
  • establishes and maintains excellent relations underpinned by ExpertLine’s proactive and responsive support
  • is attuned to your needs in order to improve the existing services on Connect
  • identifies and offers new opportunities (workshops, conferences, services, etc.)
  • provides you with value-added market data (all issuers receive a daily end-of-day Market Summary file)
  • Guides and assists you with all your operations (listing and trading requirements).

ExpertLine is available for all market segments;  the Euronext European Regulated Markets as well as the Euronext Growth markets  every day before, during and after the trading session between 08.45 and 18.00 CET. 

A Hub for Information and Financial News

A multidisciplinary team of specialists with complementary skills is based in the centralized European market surveillance room, amid breaking financial news, with its finger on the pulse of trading. In addition to supplying real-time information on events that may affect your share price, the team answers your queries, provides trading guidance and presents the services available on Connect, the dedicated website for listed companies.

Our Expertise at your Service

The ExpertLine team of financial market specialists works closely with 40 equity market experts based in Paris and our other locations. ExpertLine advises you on your operations, comments on market news and provides continuous assistance throughout the trading session, with information about:

  • movements of your share price
  • trading activity of your share
  • movements in domestic market indices
  • market regulations
  • corporate actions
  • Euronext’s fees and charges
  • reporting obligations
  • technological progress in listing and trading

Immediate Success

ExpertLine has been available since November 2009 to French issuers, and bolstered by its great success in that community, the services it offers were deployed in April, August and September 2010 respectively to Belgian, Dutch and Portuguese issuers, with equal success and finally to International issuers listed the Euronext markets in March 2011.

ExpertLine is continuously innovating and diversifying its services through ongoing interaction with the European financial eco-system.

Contact a Euronext Expert

ExpertLine is available for all market segments on the Euronext Regulated Markets and on the Euronext Growth markets and is accessible daily before, during and after the trading session between 08:45 and 18:00 CET.

Belgium: +32 (0)2 620 0587
France: +33 (0)1 85 14 85 87
Netherlands: +31 (0)20 721 9587
Portugal: +351 2 1060 8587
United Kingdom: +44 207 660 8587