Financial analysis for SMEs

Financial analysis for SMEs

EnterNext's programmes to encourage financial analysis on midcaps.

Pursuing its action plan to forge stronger ties between SMEs and investors since its creation in 2013, EnterNext launched two incentive programmes in 2014 aiming to encourage equity research into mid-size companies:

  • A significant trading fee reduction for brokers that publish financial analysis on a regular basis on SMEs. This programme no longer exists. However, as of March 2016, brokers will have access to a new trading fee grid that offers more flexibility and creates a status of “EnterNext champion” targeting local intermediaries supporting liquidity and research on the small and midcap stocks. New trading fee grid details
  • A partnership with Morningstar to provide research analysis on the 330 Small & Midcaps listed Tech companies

Research Programme

Programme targeting brokers covering mid-caps.  Programme details


Morningstar’s quantitative equity reports on the Tech sector.  Read the reports

Financial analysis for SMEs