The board


EnterNext has adopted an open governance structure, with a 14-member Board of Directors headed by CEO Eric Forest. The 14 seats are divided equally between qualified external Directors and Euronext. Candidates have been selected from the four countries in which the group operates in Europe, based on their experience and expertise with SMEs.

Chairman and CEO : Eric Forest

The qualified external Directors are:

  • Charles Beigbeder, Chairman, Gravitation
  • Jorge Freire Cardoso, Director of  Novo Banco
  • CGPME, represented by Bernard Cohen-Hadad, President of the Economic Affairs Committee
  • Koen Dejonckheere, CEO, Gimv
  • Louis Godron, Chairman of Argos Soditic
  • Sophie Langlois, Deputy CEO, BIL Finance
  • Chris van Schuppen, Managing Director, Head of Equity Capital Markets, ABN AMRO

The Directors representing Euronext are:

  • Anthony Attia, CEO Euronext Paris
  • Lee Hodgkinson, Head of Sales and Client Coverage, EMEA
  • Eric Forest, CEO EnterNext
  • Vincent Van Dessel, CEO Euronext Brussels
  • Maurice van TIlburg, CEO Euronext Amsterdam