Via Bolsa – Financiamento através do Mercado de Capitais

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 7:00am - 9:00pm CET

Description: Running its third edition since it first launched in 2013, “Via Bolsa - Financiamento através do Mercado de Capitais” has successfully implemented itself as a benchmark event in the Portuguese capital markets landscape, with consistent positive feedback and strong media exposure.

• Aimed primarily at top management of non-listed companies and main investors firms, the conference raises awareness on the financing alternatives presented by capital markets to companies, its role in the prosecution of their goals and the positive evolution it represents in terms of governance.

• The initiative draws on the expertise of key personalities of the financial ecosystem to debate in a very focused way – and in simple, clear language, - on key themes such as: “Capitalizing Portugal”, “Roadmap to the Market”,  and “What do Investors Really Seek in a Company?”, this year’s main panels.

• In 2016, Euronext Lisbon will be partnered by the Portuguese Navy, which will host the event in the Naval Academy. In effect, an event which calls on companies to run an exercise of leadership, innovation, commitment and the capacity to think out of the box, could really not ask for a more engaging environment than the one offered by the Navy, an example of tenacity and rigour.

• Following the experience of past editions, there will be a €40 registration fee, reverting totally to a non-profit selected by Euronext Lisbon. This year, funds collected will benefit Laboratório de Investimento Social, an organization created by the Calouste Gulbenkian Fundation and the IES Social Business School, in partnership with Social Finance UK, and merited for providing and supporting innovative ways to fund social innovation in Portugal.

• When: 18th October, 8h30-13h30

• Where: Naval Academy (Alfeitte), Lisbon, Portugal
The event will be followed by networking lunch aboard the iconinc training vessel, “Sagres”

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