What They Say

We went public in 1998 because we felt that the stock market was the fastest and cheapest way to raise capital. And an initial fund-raising round among investors made it clear that being listed is what gave our company the greatest cachet. While it’s true that during a financial crisis a company’s stock price tends not to reflect its actual value, being listed has boosted our credibility and international reach—and forced us to be more meticulous in the presentation of our financial statements, which has been enormously helpful. EnterNext is an excellent initiative that will bring even more visibility to listed companies.
Jean-Daniel Beurnier, Chairman & CEO, Avenir Télécom

I would like to thank all of the investors, both individuals and institutionals, that have placed their trust in us. We are delighted with the success of our issue, which has raised additional funds to consolidate our growth. Both our company and I are proud that this is also the first bond issue for an unlisted company in France. This bold operation underscores the culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that are part of our company’s DNA. And as a successful experience on financial markets, it may pave the way to new issues in the future.
Yoann Joubert, Chairman and founder of Realites

With this one deal, which is the biggest in Reesink’s history, we are achieving several of our objectives simultaneously. We are adding strong brands in adjacent markets to our existing operations. With our entry into the German market, we are increasingly becoming an international player. PMH-E’s business model, with its focus on strong brands and the quality of service these brands deserve, fits seamlessly with our business model. We thus expect to be able to achieve meaningful synergy benefits. With PMH-E, we are adding an organisation with enormous expertise, an excellent track record and strong growth potential to our Group, and we are proud of this.

Gerrit van der Scheer, CEO Koninklijke Reesink

Diversification of finance sources is very important to REITs. The fact that the bond private placement has been closed early, is an important signal of the faith investors have in Montea’s financing strategy.
Peter Verlinde, CFO at Montea

This equity private placement marks a major milestone in the growth and success of our Company. In response to the increasing demand for our ConfirmMDxTM for Prostate Cancer test in the U.S., we will expand our commercial efforts by investing in personnel and infrastructure to ensure we are well positioned for new tests emerging from our product pipeline.
Dr. Jan Groen, CEO of MDxHealth

The fundraising enabled us to set up subsidiaries in Germany and Italy and expand our business internationally. As a listed company you have to explain your development strategy to professional investors, so it is a learning experience for the company, one that helps us develop and grow. That is why the stock exchange is a go-to partner for companies today.
Vincent Gardès, Chief Executive Officer, Vexim

To grow, Novabase needed funding and visibility. And we decide to go forward with the IPO process, which was completed in 2000. The listing of Novabase allowed us to grow without increase debt”. Our capital structure is comfortable. With the IPO the business has grown, and today the number of shareholders and potential investors are much larger.
Rogério Carapuça, Chairman NovaBase

I would like to thank all of the institutional and individual investors, both French and European, that demonstrated their trust in YMAGIS by taking part in our listing. The funds raised will enable us to tackle the next stage in our development and create value for these shareholders as we work to become Europe's top provider of services and digital technologies for the film industry. Working together, we will build the cinema of the future.
Jean Mizrahi, Chairman and CEO of Ymagis

This IPO allows investors access for trading in US dollars and Euros on either market, and the dual listing more accurately reflects our business model, which targets the global chemical supply chain and is anchored in both Europe and North America.
Jean‐François Huc, CEO of BioAmber

Our company, Value8, has grown rapidly over the past 5 years, and now is a respectable Smallcap company with 100 million euro turnover, 320 employees and a market cap of close to 40 million euro. This growth could not have been achieved without the access to capital and the visibility as a listed company on Euronext Amsterdam.
Peter Paul de Vries, CEO Value8

All the companies I’ve floated have worked in fast-growing markets, have recently faced morecompetition, and in cases where it was necessary to build market share quickly. The stock market is a fantastic financing tool for raising substantial amounts of capital in a short time and internationalizing your investor base. Entering the market institutionalizes a company in a way, truly changing its scopeand boosting its recognition
Charles Beigbeder, Founding Chairman, Gravitation SAS

Our company is enjoying a strong momentum of growth and international expansion. To accomplish our objectives we decided to list ISA on the exchange as a way to strengthen the company's credibility and reputation among customers, suppliers and partners, as well as to facilitate future capital increases that may be necessary for the development of our activities.
José Basílio Simões, CEO ISA-Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

The creation of the NEXPONOR fund and its admission to Alternext will be part of the history of AEP and of the capital markets in Portugal. In addition to providing a virtuous solution to a problem, we have opened doors to other Portuguese companies which now find in the market interesting financing alternatives to bank credit.
José António Barros, President of AEP-Associação Empresarial de Portugal

We are delighted with our successful listing on Alternext, a major step forward for our company. The funds raised by the listing, and the recognition it brings us, will help us accelerate the development of SpineGuard, with a view to establishing PediGuard as a global standard of care.
Pierre Jérôme, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, SpineGuard

I admit that we had our company in good shape, that’s true, but I dare say it was easier to raise capital via an IPO than via a venture capital round. Speed was an important reason to go to the market.
Onno van der Stolpe, CEO Galapagos

We are very pleased to announce the successful completion of the equity private placement which we believe reflects the strong progress made at Ablynx over the past year. The new funds will give us increased flexibility to invest in our Nanobody pipeline and in particular to build on the successful Phase II results of our rheumatoid arthritis product, ALX-0061, announced earlier this Month.

We are grateful to our existing shareholders for their continuing support and welcome our new investors. We believe that Ablynx is well placed to deliver significant value to shareholders in the coming years and we look forward to updating them on our progress during 2013.

Dr Edwin Moses, Chairman and CEO of Ablynx

I would like to thank the institutional and individual shareholders who have joined us, as well as all of the staff and partners who contributed to our successful listing. We will be doing everything we can to ensure that our stockmarket performance lives up to the confidence they have shown us today.
Xavier Gallot-Lavallée, CEO and founder of MND

Funds raised today give Ekinops the financial resources we need to step up the pace of development and cash in on strong future growth in demand for optical transport equipment. This is particularly true for 100G technology, which allows telecom operators to meet soaring demand for data transport on very high-speed networks. We will be beefing up our sales teams to win new customers, but will also continue to invest in R&D to hold onto our edge in technology and offer the widest, most effective range of solutions possible.
Didier Brédy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ekinops

Alternext better suits our size of business and phase of development. The transfer to Alternext should improve investor appetite
Barry Mence, Chairman Sopheon

We went public in 1995 for three reasons: to raise funds, increase awareness of our company, and introduce efficient internal control and management systems. Being listed helps us to meet our objectives on a day-to-day basis because it contributes to quality and excellence, as well as to customer recognition.
Philippe Santi, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Interparfums

We floated on Alternext in July 2011, after previously being registered with the Marché Libre, to raise additional financing. There are drawbacks to being listed—like the cost and the need to implement more stringent business processes—but they are more than offset by the advantages. Our IPO brings us out of the shadows and gives us genuine credibility among banks. Today investors are interested in our company, which wasn’t true when we were on the Marché Libre. The stock market should be used as a visibility-enhancing tool that makes it easier to obtain market financing
Joël Chaulet, Chairman, A2micile Europe

Listing can be a daunting experience for a micro-business or SME like ours because there is a surprising amount of red tape. But the process is simpler than it appears, and the Euronext team that works with you is experienced and efficient and knows how to support businesses such as ours. If I had to do it again, I definitely would.
Charles Vilgrain, President of the Board of Directors, AgroGeneration

Orolia has grown considerably thanks to the stock market. We have expanded from a small business to a medium-sized solutions provider, and have made numerous acquisitions to further our growth. We hope that the launch of EnterNext will improve coordination among professionals along the entire financing chain. Its main role should be to unite the whole stock market ecosystem. And there’s a lot at stake—we need to attract more investors to the stock market to boost liquidity and get the market going again.
Jean-Yves Courtois, Chairman & CEO, Orolia

The completed bond transaction allows us to further increase our financial means in order to continue our strategy of growth and diversification, more specifically by acquisitions both in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland, in the three activities of Immobel
Gaëtan Piret, Managing Director, Immobel

With the sounding of the gong, we are symbolically ringing in a new phase marking an end to a far-reaching reorganisation and the successful integration of the NIG employment agency acquired by our company in which we will be focusing on both reinforcing DPA’s turnover basis and creating value for our clients, employees and shareholders.
Eric Winter, CEO DPA

The capital market is a key tool in a modern economy, so that companies can be financed and access funds to develop their business and strategy. And Mota Engil has done that effectively.
Gonçalo Moura Martins, CEO Mota-Engil

I am very  proud to be part of  this historic moment in the path of such a great company as CTT. We faced this challenge with enthusiasm and that feeling remains unchanged now that  we’ve finalized the process successfully and CTT shares will be listed on Euronext Lisbon
Francisco de Lacerda, Chairman and CEO of CTT

“The listing on Euronext Amsterdam and Brussels is an important milestone for our company. It will support us in effectively implementing our ambitious strategy going forward and enables Avantium to capture the market opportunity driven by the increasing demand for renewable chemicals and materials and increasing consciousness around sustainable products and production methods. The strong demand from both institutional and retail investors is overwhelming and the high level of support gives us confidence for our future as a listed company. We look forward to execute our strategy going forward with our new shareholders.”
Tom van Aken, Chief Executive Officer of Avantium

Listing is a major step for Lysogene, and one that will help us continue to develop treatments for two devastating diseases creating multiple disabilities that begin in childhood and lead to the premature death of patients. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the shareholders that have supported us along the way, including Sofinnova Partners, BpiFrance Investissement (InnoBio) and Novo A/S, as well as the new partners that have joined us today, including Financière Arbevel and Alto Invest.”
Karen Aiach, founder and CEO of Lysogene

“We are delighted with X-FAB’s listing on Euronext Paris. This is an important milestone on our way to become the foundry of choice for the analog world. The funding raised today will allow us to continue on our growth path by further expanding our technology offering and manufacturing capacities. It will also allow us to take advantage of additional opportunities in the future. I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of our shareholders – old and new – and to the partners and employees who contributed to the success of this listing.”
Rudi De Winter, CEO of X-FAB group

We tapped the market in 2011 for several reasons: to speed up our large-scale rollout, support the international launch of Cellvizio, finance new clinical trials on current and future applications, and continue strengthening the technological lead that has made us successful. For me, success as a public company hinges on long-term support, before and after the initial public offering, to help companies get used to the change in dimension and the new obligations stemming from the move. I am also convinced that investors need more education on the subject.
Sacha Loiseau, President, Mauna Kea Technologies