EnterNext plays an active role in facilitating SMEs' access to financial markets, helping them generate the funds they need to grow at regional, national and pan-European level. EnterNext’s goal is to gather and unite all stakeholders of companies, intermediaries, financial analysts, investors and advisors to create a marketplace that will contribute to the growth of SMEs.

The team promotes and facilitates all offers and services currently available to SMEs and its responsibilities amongst others include:

  • Positioning the stock exchange as a source for alternative financing
  • Managing the day-to-day and grassroots relationships with issuers and listing candidates
  • Promoting SMEs to investors as an attractive asset class
  • Developing a regional and national marketing strategy
  • Defining and promoting new services and financing options such as bonds

To best meet the needs of SMEs, EnterNext has dedicated teams and offices across Europe in Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands, as well as in several regions of France including Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Nantes.

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